Learn to ride at Gail's: Our Motorcycle Riding Classes Are More Popular Than Ever!


A Built-In Riding Course
When Gail built her dealership over 18 years ago, she designed a riding course on the property. "There’s a giant parking lot attached to the lower tier of the dealership. That’s our rider training course," she says. "Even from the very beginning, I think the reason our classes are always full is because we only allow six people per class."

Two Days of Hands-On Learning
Our Certified New Rider Training Course is two days, students toggle between coursework, testing, and of course, taking the bike for countless spins to learn the rules of the road. Classes are offered during the week and on weekends. Gail says convenience is key. Well, that and sheer demand. The $275 fee ensures graduates receive a certification to take to the local DMV. "Once you pass our class, you won’t have to take a DMV test—our trainers are certified in Kansas and Missouri."

Friends For Life
Gail says people who come in to buy and have never ridden a motorcycle are often looking to break out of their shells. "They come in—unsure of themselves—and we teach them how riding a motorcycle makes you part of a community," she says. "Students who graduate together often remain friends for years. Graduating classes always end up riding together. That’s pretty cool."

Have a stressful job? You’re not alone. Gail says countless customers tell her they learned to ride so they can bike back and forth to work every day. "This year—more than ever—getting on your bike is a mini-vacation. You see people on their bikes and they instantly wave at each other."

The instructors at Gail’s want to make it a memorable learning experience. She gives props and kudos to her trainers. "It’s kind of Driver’s Ed that you took in high school, but it’s only two days and way more fun," she says, laughing. "Plus, once you graduate, you’re automatically part of the Gail’s family."

Already a Rider?
If you are looking for a refresher or want to hone some of your skills, Gail’s also offers a one day Certified Skilled Rider Training Course for $125. Our instructors will help you brush up on the basics and renew your confidence. And of course it’s always a great time when you get together with other riders!