Warm Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips for Kansas City Riders

Warm Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips for Kansas City Riders

Warm Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips for Kansas City Riders

It’s important that you take precautions to keep cool & stay safe. These tips from our motorcycle experts can help you get out and enjoy the ride.

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It’s easy to social distance while you’re taking a leisurely ride on your used Harley-Davidson motorcycle from Gail’s! And going riding is the perfect form of entertainment and relaxation.

Motorcycle enthusiasts find ways to ride all year long, but they also know that harsher weather conditions means they need to modify their approach to their trips. In hot weather, it’s important that you take precautions to keep cool and stay safe. These tips from our motorcycle experts at Gail’s can help you get out and enjoy the ride.

Wear Ventilated Motorcycle Jackets, Vests, and Gloves

It may seem counterintuitive to bundle up before riding in summer heat, but we can assure you that specialized motorcycle clothing designed to keep you cool is a safer and better choice than riding in shorts or sleeveless shirts.

Ventilated motorcycle jackets or vests can actually help keep you cooler, because they channel air inside toward your body for a cooling effect. The vents also help to evaporate perspiration. The Harley-Davidson® Men’s Trenton Mesh Riding Jacket from MotorClothes® is a solid choice for warm-weather riding, and still offers the protection of body armor and padding. The Women’s Callahan Mesh Riding Jacket also has built-in reflectors for hot summer night riding.

Warm-weather ventilated motorcycle pants, gloves, and boots are also options to protect yourself from the heat and pavement while keeping you cool on summer rides. Talk to a gear expert at Gail’s to identify the clothes you need to keep cool during the summer months in Kansas City.

Stay Hydrated and Seek Shade

The only drink that hydrates like water, is water. That’s why it’s important to drink water before you take off on a ride, as well as bring along an adequate supply of water. Whether you wear a water-dispenser backpack or bring along cold bottled water in your saddlebags, you will need more than you think. You should also avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine before and during rides in the summer heat, as these can accelerate the effects of dehydration.

It’s never a bad idea to take a break from the heat of the road and seek out shady areas to rest on particularly warm days, especially because the pavement reflects the sun’s heat back up onto you and your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Maintenance for Hot Weather

It’s always important to keep your motorcycle well-maintained, but hot weather should prompt you to check over your bike more frequently to keep it in top running condition.

Checking the coolant level and doing a drain flush to keep the coolant at maximum efficiency should always be high up on the checklist. If you have an air-cooled engine, keep the cooling fins clean and free of debris. Clean fins keep the operating temperature of your motorcycle down.

Check the primary drive lubricants for cleanliness and ensure they’re at the right level and viscosity. You might also want to change the lubricants on the final drive rear gear units. You should be having this done at every oil change anyway! If you aren’t sure how to perform these maintenance tasks, bring your bike into Gail’s Service Department, near Lee’s Summit, for speedy service from expert Harley® mechanics and other motorcycle mechanics.

And finally, remember that hot pavement can lead to low tire pressure. Check your tire pressure and refill with air as necessary. Check over your tire condition, and purchase new tires when your current ones are too worn for safe operation.

Drive Carefully Over Tar Patches on Kansas City Roads

It sure makes for a nice ride when the roads are well-maintained, but the tar-like patches -- sometimes called “tar snakes” -- that Missouri and Kansas use on their roads to repair cracks can be a challenge for motorcycle riders.

These patches can become slippery when it’s hot, so you should avoid riding over them if possible. Just as you’d cross railroad tracks, cross them at 90-degrees in an upright position.

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If you’re itching to hop aboard your motorcycle and go for a long summer ride, be sure to visit us first at Gail’s at 5900 MO-150 in Grandview, so you can get all the service and equipment you need. Pick up the latest Harley-Davidson® clothes and gear from other top brands, get new, updated safety equipment, and even take a joy ride on one of our used Harley® motorcycles in our showroom.

Once you’re well-equipped, hop on your bike and head off down the interstate toward your favorite summer destination. We’ll see you soon!